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Evacuation Procedure

The evacuation procedure is the complete process from sounding the alarm, getting everybody to safety, coordinating with emergency response teams and controlling the situation. Following specific steps in a specific sequence will minimize damage to property and limit loss of life.

Evacuation Instruction

When an emergency is discovered, the responsible person should sound the alarm and call the emergency services. All employees must know exactly what to do when they hear the emergency alarm. The Evacuation Warden controls the whole process from start to finish. All employees and visitors must be accounted for.

Automatic Systems

Automatic systems are fire and smoke detection systems that automatically sound the alarm when smoke or fire is detected. These systems should be inspected and serviced regularly to maintain their early detection capability.

Manual Systems

Manual alarm systems are used by the employees that discover the emergency. When using these systems, they must be readily accessible and loud enough to be heard even in underground parking areas.

Unacceptable Means of Escape

There are ways of exiting a building that are just not a good idea, because of the inherent danger attached to it, like lifts and escalators. Means of escape should be failsafe, unobstructed by material and easy to use.

Doors on Escape Routs

These doors are specifically designed for easy use and safety. Signage should be visible to show the emergency exit door. The door must open in the direction of the escape.

Communication Equipment

Communication during an emergency is crucial. Good communication ensures that the process and procedure follows the correct steps and when something goes wrong it can be rectified immediately, because of good communication. Methods of communication can be two way radios for responsible personnel or megaphones that are loud enough, because emergencies can be somewhat loud and chaotic.

Emergency Services Contact List

This list should be posted at all the telephones in the company. The Evacuation warden should be able to contact the relevant emergency service from any company phone.

Emergency Maintenance Contact Details

This list should have the contact details of the major services like, city electrical service, city water services and security services. This list should be readily available at the reception of the company as well as the person responsible for the maintenance of these services.

The Emergency Response Team

This list should be attached to the emergency procedure and floor plan. The emergency controller’s names and numbers as well as all the relevant personnel that have assigned responsibilities to an emergency, names and numbers must be attached to the floor plan.

Bomb Threat Checklist

The purpose of this checklist is to record as much information as possible from the caller, phoning in the bomb threat. All bomb threats must be regarded as serious and the evacuation of the building must commence immediately. The bomb disposal unit will give the all clear when they have finished their search for the bomb. The bomb threat checklist gives valuable information to the police which will assist them in finding the perpetrator.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities during an emergency fall onto three key personnel in the company, namely the Emergency coordinator, the Emergency Controller and the Evacuation warden. These three people have specific duties during an emergency and when these duties are done with care and due diligence the emergency can be handled calm controlled confidence.

Evacuation Drill Flow Chart

This is a chart that outlines the steps that a company takes to prepare, plan and execute a comprehensive emergency plan with all the role players involved. The training of key personnel and the execution of an emergency drill. The findings are reported back to management with action steps to take to improve the evacuation drill procedure and time.

The Floor Plan

The floor plan is a summary of the complete action plan during an emergency. All the relevant information regarding escape routes to take, where the emergency equipment is located, the danger areas to avoid, contact information should be indicated on the floor plan. This plan must be signed off by the Fire Department.

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